Sunday, April 8, 2012

St, Germain and Vodka Marry Well

So I want to wish a happy Easter to all of my readers! Even if you don't celebrate it in any form, I hope you can appreciate one or two of the drinks I have made today. I was put in charge of the booze for my family gathering, and what I brought was a big hit with everyone. St. Germain, for those of you who are not aware, is a French liqueur made from elder flowers.  It is a sweet liqueur, and it mixes very well with several things. I made a sangria with it, and a before dinner drink while the sangria was setting. First off, was equal parts St. Germain, vodka, and sprite, although any clear carbonated beverage will do. I also used a rather inexpensive vodka with this; the St. Germain is the dominant flavor in this drink so that didn't matter. Everyone loved it!

And for the main course, was what turned out to be an excellent sangria. What better drink to usher in spring? To make this, you need one bottle of sauvignon blanc, one cup of St. Germain, and fruit. I cut up some local strawberries into bite sized pieces, added some grapes, and orange slices, then put the whole mixture in the refrigerator to chill for twenty minutes, and  voila! It was an excellent accompaniment to a beautiful spring day.

I give St. Germain and the two drinks I made five cocktails!

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