Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attic Toys

Attic Toys in an anthology from Evil Jester Press, edited by Jeremy C. Shipp. It took seeing two of my favorite authors listed in the table of contents to get me to pick up this anthology, and that is because I have a fear of dolls. Guess what most of these stories are about? That's right, dolls, evil stuffed animals come to life, dolls that want to take over the lives of their owners, all of this and more can be found within the pages of Attic Toys. There were, however, a few stories that I felt were weaker than the others. This did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the anthology, mostly because the good stories in here were, in fact, excellent.

Dreams of a Ragged Doll by Cate Gardner stood out as an absolute gem. It is no secret that she is one of my favorite writers, and stories like this one are why. Her story is wonderfully original and quite disturbing

Give It a Name by Gary McMahon is the second reason why I decided to read this anthology. His story is dark, haunting, and bleak, in other words, quintessential McMahon. Fans of his will not be disappointed, and if you have never read anything by him, now is the time to start.

The Doll Tree by Amelia Mangan was another favorite of mine. This is the first story I have read by her, but I plan on reading some others based on this. Even though dolls terrify me, I couldn't help being captivated by the amazing and disturbing imagery in this story.

Overall this was a good disturbing read, and I recommend grabbing a copy.

I give it three and half cocktails.

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