Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Woman Made of Milk

     A Woman Made of Milk by Ralph Robert Moore is an odd title for an odd little story, but it was one that I very much enjoyed. This is a novelette about a woman who is a medium for hire that goes out to a rather unusual location. She was employed by a man who lost his wife, and is distraught that he can not see her ghost. But the house he brings the medium to is one that has been added on to for five hundred years; each new house is built onto the front of the previous one. 
     That setting alone was enough to intrigue me and pull me in; this is not a typical ghost story by any means. Moore gives the reader something original and different with an ending I didn't see coming. This is a quick creepy read that I think is perfect for anyone looking for a new take on ghost stories. Highly recommended. 

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I give it five cocktails.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Girl (Southern Hauntings Saga)

The Girl is the second installment in the Southern Hauntings Saga, and it is an excellent continuation of the series. Crate Northgate is brought in to investigate the disappearance of a twelve year old girl that not everyone believes is dead. Her father, however, is convinced she is, and he is being haunted by her spirit. 
  Hall's prose is very fluid, and this is a moving story that the reader is immediately drawn into. The father's grief and pain is brought to life in a way that I think any reader can sympathize with, although Crate Northgate does not. Actually Nothgate's inability to do so made him more fleshed out and real to me; we learn a little bit more about his background in this story and the reason why he has the current homeless lifestyle he does. Overall this was a very good, short read. Hall's story telling abilities will have anyone who picks this up feeling like they are walking through the southern mountain woods right along side the characters. I am very much looking forward to the next installment, and highly recommend this one.

I give it five cocktails. 

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