Thursday, April 5, 2012

Girl Blue

When I picked up Girl Blue, I was expecting the typical haunting ghost story, one where the main character would  be tormented by a spirit that has attached itself to an inanimate object that he had the misfortune of acquiring. What I got was so much more than that. If I had one word to describe this novel, it would be sensual. The main character is a sculptor, and the descriptions of the artwork by Nayes make you wish these objects d'art were real and you could reach out and touch them yourself. Art lovers everywhere will be nodding their heads in agreement with the idea that true works of art seem alive.

This was a slow steady read. One where descriptions of tactile sensations had me feeling things right along with the characters, but it did not lack the sense of dread that I like to have with any good horror novel. The chills here were subtle, and the pay off at the end was a good one. I would recommend this book to readers of any genre. 

I give it five cocktails.

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