Saturday, June 14, 2014


White is Tim Lebbon's brilliant post apocalyptic novella. This isn't a zombie apocalypse, or one of destruction after a nuclear war. Instead, Lebbon brings us undefined monsters in an eerie landscape of unending snow. He introduces us to an assorted cast of characters each with their own neurosis; they are all trapped together in a house where they were originally charged with doing research on what was going wrong with the environment.
Lebbon uses his superb writing skills to slowly draw the reader into an increasingly terrifying situation with no means of escape. This is a book I would recommend to anyone, no matter the genre they normally read, just so they could experience the surreal and terrifying world that Lebbon has created.

As a bonus there is a short story included with this novella. It perfectly compliments the bleak tone that is in White. Lebbon gives his readers a little something extra with this emotional story of a family that has been torn apart and a husbands undying loyalty.

I give it five cocktails.

You can purchase this book by clicking the following links: Amazon US,  Amazon UK