Friday, May 11, 2012

My Lord Wicked

    My Lord Wicked is a Regency romance by Cheryl Bolen. This is a more serious romance story, and I will admit not the type of thing I normally read. I did find it to be enjoyable though. It is a very character driven story, and I think that Bolen did a good job of fleshing the characters out and making them seem true to the time period, as opposed to the way a more modern couple would have behaved. The story begins with one of the main characters, Freddie, looking to escape her current situation as a poor relative living with her aunt who doesn't seem to like her. From here, she is able to appeal to her guardian whom she has never met to take her into his household. The plot then goes on in a somewhat predictable way; since this is a romance we know that they will fall in love even though he is twenty years her senior. However there were a few twists and turns that made this more interesting, such as the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of his first wife. My only problem with the book is that these plot twists were tied up a bit too quickly at the end.

     Overall I would say this is a good read for any lover of Regency romance, and it is likely I will be reading more of Bolen's work in the future.

I give it three and half cocktails.

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