Monday, March 31, 2014

Stuck On You

Stuck On You, an aptly named novella, is the latest work from Jasper Bark. In this work, Bark pushes limits in the always interesting erotic/horror sub-genre, and he did it well enough to make me dry heave while reading. This is the perfect read for those of you who like to be disgusted and maybe a little turned on at the same time. Bark manages the latter of those two with a scene that, if it was excerpted from the rest of the novella, would fit in with any erotic or romance novel. But this is a horror story, so it only manages to underscore the disgusting awful things that can happen through random chance and some very bad behavior. Bark even manages to throw in some of his signature humor with the underlying moral of the story. Want to misbehave? Well here is what might happen...  

And happen it does. There is going to be some point in this story that triggers overwhelming disgust in every reader. It may be at different spots for different people, but you are guaranteed to gag while reading this one. Also, as an added bonus, there is some very nice artwork included in the novella.

I give it five cocktails. (I need them after reading this.)

You can purchase this book by clicking the following links: Amazon USAmazon UK

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