Thursday, August 16, 2012

YOU Having a Baby

Well if any of my readers are wondering why I haven't been around for a while, or why I'm suddenly posting about baby books, it's because I'm 15 weeks pregnant! Very exciting (and also tiring) time for me and my husband, so that is why the long absence. I am hoping to maybe get a few more of my normal reviews in sometime soon, depending on how I am feeling. 

But I really do want to recommend this book to any expectant mothers out there. I know the pregnancy Bible seems to be What to Expect When You're Expecting, but to me that book reads like an encyclopedia. Is it good as a reference book for when you have a question? Absolutely. Could I just sit down and read it? Not at all.  So I would recommend YOU Having a Baby. Yes this is by the same Dr. Oz who has his own television show in the United States, and his same quirky funny style that he uses to convey health information on his television show is displayed in the pages of his book. This was a fun, informative, and easy read. It is a long book but I found it read fast and I was able to learn about all sorts of things that would be happening to me before they happened, which is a good way to prevent panicked calls to family and friends asking, "Is this normal?" So whether this is your first pregnancy or your third, they can all be different and I would recommend this book out of all the others I have come across.    

I give it five (non-alcoholic) cocktails. Yes I want to cry when I look at my liquor cabinet. 

You can find this book at any major retailer, but here are a few links. Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes and NobleWaterstones

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