Friday, June 1, 2012

The Vagrant

     The Vagrant, by Brian Hall is a novelette that introduces an interesting character in a promising new series from Angelic Knight Press. Crate Northgate is a man with a troubled past who can see, and communicate with, ghosts. In this brief story, we are only given hints about his past. His main focus this time is helping a homeless man he sees at a convenience store that is being tormented by the spirit of a dead judge. In the end, Crate is not sure he should have helped the man at all.
     I really enjoyed this story, and Crate Northgate is a character I would like to get to know better.  Hall does an excellent job of fleshing him out and making him seem real. Overall it was a well written story and a good introduction to the Southern Hauntings Saga.

I give it four cocktails.

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